Xenogears Game-OST-Yasunori Mitsuda (1998)

Disc 1:
01. Light from The Netherworlds
02. Stars of Tears
03. Bonds of Sea And Fire
04. My Village Is Number One
05. The Valley Where Wind Is Born
06. Faraway Promise
07. Steel Giant
08. Forest of The Black Moon
09. Shattering Egg Dreams
10. Back To Sleep
11. Daijiru: City of Burning Sands
12. Emotions
13. Graaf, Emperor of Darkness
14. Fuse
15. Leftovers of The Dreams of The Strong
16. The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
17. Ave, The Ancient Dance
18. Invasion
19. Stage of Death
20. In A Dark Sleep
21. Singing In The Gentle Wind
22. The Wounded Shall Advance Into The Light
23. Lost… Broken Shards
24. Tamasu, The Man of The Sea
25. The Blue Traveler Disc 2:
01. Ship of Regret And Sleep
02. The Jaws of Ice
03. Knight of Fire
04. June Mermaid
05. Shebat: The Wind Is Calling
06. The Sky, The Clouds, And You
07. Gathering Stars In The Night Sky
08. Tears of The Stars, Hearts of The People
09. Flight
10. Wings
11. Solaris: Eden of Heaven
12. Back To Sleep
13. The One Who Is Torn Apart
14. Pray For The People’s Joy
15. Omen
16. Awakening
17. One Who Bares Fangs At God
18. The Beginning And The End
19. Small Two of Pieces

Bitrate: 128Kbps
Size: 131 Mb


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